Bathroom “transitions” to high-endApril 2013

For this bathroom reno, my client wanted a modern look that would still work well with the rest of her traditional-style home.

We wanted to keep budget in mind while achieving the bathroom’s new high-end look. There are many ways to do this.  For this project, we chose a lesser-priced wall and floor tile, and dressed it up with a beautiful glass and marble mosaic which was placed throughout the bathroom (floor, shower walls, sink splash).

Function is such an important point in design.  If a room doesn’t function well, then no matter how good it looks, it will lead to frustrations and ultimately disappointment. In this bathroom, the existing vanity was large but awkward and not very functional. Typical of its type, this vanity had one large storage space. You have to get down and dig around to find what you need.  We installed a new, smaller vanity with drawers.  Drawers make any cabinet more functional. You can pull them out and easily access everything.

The other way we created some high-end ‘wow’ in this bathroom was to select plumbing fixtures in a chrome finish.  This gives the space some sparkle!

And, rather than use a laminate, we selected a white marble countertop with beautiful grey veining running through it. This ties in beautifully with the grey marble in the mosaics.  When it comes to ‘wow’ on a budget, good design is all about knowing where to splurge to have maximum impact.

Using the above features, and keeping “transitional” design in mind, we created a modern bathroom that works beautifully with all of the home’s other spaces.

#1 - Creating a 'bigger' feel #2 - Tiles to the top
We wanted to visually increase the height of the bathroom to make it feel bigger. One way we achieved this was to intall tile right to the ceiling. In the hands of a skilled tradesman who specializes in tile the results can be remarkable.
#3 - Repeating details creates illusion of more space #4 - Maximum counter space
We used a beautiful glass and marble mosaic on the floor, shower walls and sink splash as it was important to create repetition with details in order to tie this small space together. We chose an undermount sink in order to create the maximum usable countertop space. This also keeps the lines clean and showcases the beautiful marble. Chrome fixtures add the sparkle!
#5 - Slider window replaced #6 - More privacy
We replaced the slider window with an answing window to make it appear bigger and also more modern. The new window also functions better for privacy as it can be opened now without people being able to look in.