Kitchen RedesignJuly 2012

A busy family of 4 contacted me to assist them with a kitchen project to rework the social areas of their main floor layout.  The tiny kitchen, tiny dining room and 2 living rooms were converted into a spacious kitchen and dining room, and left the larger of the two living rooms in tact.

This fun project gave me an opportunity to work with the owner’s vision: an element of red plus wood cabinets with a light stain. The red countertop plays off the red leather dining room chairs.  Red found its way into the backsplash too:  red glass tile mixed with slate brought in an extra dash of ‘splash’!

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#1 - Tiny dining room #2 - From cove to cabinets
Removing the wall between this dining room and the kitchen created a bigger and more functional kitchen. It also allowed for the natural light to stream in. The kitchen’s traditional cove ceiling was removed in order to make space for the cabinetry to go all the way to the ceiling. Results? More storage and visual height.
#3 - Finishing touches #4 - Cork smooths the way
From the hundreds of pulls and knobs available for cabinets, I chose stainless steel (to match the appliances) and a scale (square and big) that balances out the wood. To smooth the colour transition from the existing oak floors, we chose cork floors to create a flow from room to room. Bonus: it’s warm and soft underfoot!
#5 - Back ‘splash!’ #6 - Working together
Red glass tile brought the red of the countertop throughout the space. The backspash’s contrast was created using slate, which is naturally porous, with a colour-enhancing sealer. The client found these wonderful bar stools that perfectly matched the colour of the grey countertop. Love it when everything works together – including me and my clients!