Main Floor TranformationSeptember 2012

What a wonderful transformation this main floor renovation was!  Styled Spaces was invited to be the interior designer on the project team: kitchen designer, contractor and the client herself.  I was responsible for: confirming the design layout and finishes selection; assisting the client in her selection of furniture and accessories; coordinating the total overall finished look and feel of the main floor.

I agreed with the decision that had been made to remove the whole wall between the kitchen and living room. However, because there were pipes in the wall, removing it entirely was not an option. A small functional part of the wall had to remain which turned into an unexpected benefit: it helped to define the totally open floorplan. In hindsight, without this partial wall, the space risked having that empty ‘showroom’ feel.

The client’s overall objective with this project was to modernize the space and make it more conducive for entertaining and of course her own enjoyment. Her confidence in her carefully selected design team served her well: we all collaborated and contributed our own areas of expertise, and I found that even though she might have been unsure of some of my recommendations, she trusted my judgment and everything came together beautifully!

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#1 - Good start #2 - Brazilian Cherry
The clean, neat starting point for the renovation. This very usable space was only challenged by outdated appliances and finishings. The hardwood floor is Brazilian Cherry which was finished onsite. It was installed throughout the space to connect the areas.
#3 - Dark-stained bamboo #4 - Creating contrast
The island is a beautiful dark-stained Bamboo. We chose a sheer, ripple-fold drapery to form a wall of softness, diffuse the natural daylight, and create the illusion of a higher ceiling. The white cabinetry has been set off by a darker granite countertop. The contrast between the two has been softened by a medium-tone backsplash tile. Pendant lights provide the sparkle.
#5 - Updates needed #6 - Dramatic change
This humble powder room also had good ‘bones’ but needed updating. The client also wanted a more dramatic look. We linked the powder room to the kitchen by using the same flooring, granite countertop, and the kitchen island’s cabinetry but changed the direction of the grain. The change was indeed dramatic!