Design Services

Styled Spaces is an interior design company that creates beautiful spaces in an approachable, affordable way.  I have worked on projects of all different sizes although my favorites are small renovations and decorating.  Outstanding customer service and professionalism are the cornerstones of my business.

How can I help you?  Below are just two ways to bring Styled Spaces into your life:

Fresh Ideas
Expert Decorating & Design
Advice & Consultation
$275/2 hours

Fresh Ideas
Looking for some on-the-spot advice? Then you’re looking for Fresh Ideas!

The Fresh Ideas package continues to be one of my most asked for services!

In this 2-hour in-home professional advice service for D.I.Y.-ers, I share my design and decorating skills.  I can make your life easier and your project more affordable.  Here’s are just 3 ways — and there are many more!…

  • By reassuring you that your paint colour is perfect – before you buy 3 cans!
  • By helping you reposition accessories to maximize room impact.
  • By giving you confidence in your decision to tear up old flooring.

Fresh Ideas will save you time, frustration and money on your DIY or custom project.

Another Styled Spaces option is to obtain a custom estimate. I personally visit your project site or home in order to best assess your needs.

Not sure which option is right for you? I can help you decide. Please call 250-213-5384 or email me at .


I offer selection, design &
consultation regarding:

paint & wallpaper
kitchen & bath
lighting & ambiance
décor items & accessories
project & trades management