We have great pleasure in providing a reference for Vanessa Stone of  “Styled Spaces”!

Living in Calgary with a new build occurring in Victoria was a daunting prospect.  However meeting up with Vanessa in Victoria was the best investment we made!  After listening to our style,  ideas,  and getting to know our personalities,  she was able to alleviate our concerns and work very efficiently to bring the project to fruition. She was amazing at reducing the stress by coming up with a few great ideas to choose from, instead of the daunting task of looking at hundreds of different products! Working long distance was not an issue as we used technology and were able to communicate very effectively by email, text, and telephone.  We would then consolidate our selections with coordinated visits at the new build.

A project that was daunting actually became a pleasure knowing that Vanessa was there to help and advise us.  She demonstrated great skills in organisation, trouble shooting and communication.

We have no hesitation in recommending Vanessa for any project big or small, close at home or especially long distance. The best compliment is that our visitors always mention they “feel at home”  in our new house.

Rosamund and Glenn Soares – Victoria, B.C.

When we first planned our major renovation which was to focus on the kitchen and living room, Jan and I were mulling over a number of ideas about how to proceed, what features we wanted to implement in the new design and how best to lay things out. I naively thought that I would take on the role of general contractor and everything would fall into place, but I soon felt overwhelmed with the prospect of tackling such a big project.

Jan and I had previous experience with Vanessa and Styled Spaces and very much liked her professional approach to everything along with her friendly demeanour and never ending smile. We discussed the possibility of handing the project to Vanessa and were ecstatic to hear that she would be keen to take it on, with the added bonus that she brought with her, connections to an amazing contractor and an extended group of sub-contractors with excellent reputations. We were not disappointed.

Our project proceeded like clock-work and in a short six weeks from the day we started, the bulk of the work was completed and our new kitchen was not only functional, but more than we ever dreamed possible considering our relatively modest budget and tight timelines. We had new state-of-the-art cabinets, an amazing island, modern appliances, incredible flooring and an overall look and feel of a totally new home. The kitchen transitioned seamlessly into our dining area, living room and sunroom, creating an expansive space that gave us the open-concept we had been searching for and access to views that we never dreamed possible.

Vanessa and her crew pulled it all off on budget, on schedule and best of all, with minimal stress.

We would encourage anyone looking for a quality job and professional service to go no further than Styled Spaces and Vanessa Miller.  You will not be disappointed.

Janet and George Mercer – Victoria, BC

We write to share the absolute good fortune of having been introduced to Vanessa Stone.

Vanessa took us under her wing during what was for us, an unending series of Which one? What type? How Many? What Colour? Does that even MATCH? roster of questions that only prompted more questions.  My husband and I know what we like when we see it.  But what to do when you feel like you are spinning your wheels and not moving?  We were terrified of making mistakes – mistakes which we would be stuck with.

The answer?  We called on Vanessa, who surveyed our space, examined our belongings, and put her intuitive skills to work to come up with a design/colour scheme/décor that put a definitive stamp on who we were, what we liked, what mattered, and what “comfortable” meant to us.  She respected the budget restrictions imposed by a runaway reno (!) and not only managed to work within those tight parameters – but produced a “runway” look that takes not only our breath away – but that of all our friends and guests who see it.

In short, she produced a work of art in our kitchen.  It’s perfect.  And she made it look, and feel, easy.

We are over the moon with the end product.  We truly DO have a “dream kitchen” which I personally believe befits the cover of any magazine – it’s just that beautiful.  Vanessa was delightful to work with – her talent, enthusiasm, energy, creativity, – and yes, patience – was a godsend.

And we have the dream kitchen to prove it.  We would not hesitate to recommend Vanessa Stone to anyone seeking help with getting it “just right”.  She’s fun, always responsive (and did I already mention QUICK to respond?) and will get you to the place where home really does feel like the sweetest place on earth.

Thank you Vanessa!

Suzan Doricic & John Luton – Victoria, BC

The home renovation process can be daunting – especially for homeowners who don’t have a knack for it.  You have truly taken the fear out of making changes to our house, and are helping us, at our own pace, to create a more beautiful and functional home.  You take the time to listen to our ideas, concerns, and hopes, and translate them into reality.  We couldn’t imagine working with anyone better!

Erica Kjekstad & Kevin Cuddihy – Victoria, BC

I loved Vanessa’s young fresh idea’s and how she is able to work within a budget for our small space. I so enjoyed the client working relationship which was on her part, one of really listening, good advice and creative solutions.

I have seen her detailed and creative work in other upscale condo’s and her spaces are above and beyond inviting!

Harriet Cowan – Victoria, BC

My husband Eric and I are delighted to provide a reference for Vanessa with respect to her personally as well as her talents as an interior designer.

We had the good fortune of meeting Vanessa in 2008 during a visit to my mother’s home.  Vanessa had been hired by my mother to assist with furniture, paint, tile, and drape selection.  Vanessa’s sunny nature was apparent immediately and I could tell my mother was happy with their progress.  I recall another time when I visited my mom and the entire living and dining room had been re-arranged in a most appealing way.  It was noticeable immediately and very eye-catching.  I asked her how she decided to arrange it that way and found out it wasn’t her at all but the talents of Vanessa.

While undergoing renovations in our home, we were stuck on paint color and flooring choice in addition to a bathroom countertop color.  We called Vanessa and were incredibly grateful we did.  During her first visit, I watched in awe as she effortlessly sorted through dozens of samples with grace and confidence.  I enquired as to how she felt about her work only to find out that even as a young girl she had gravitated towards design, fabrics and colors.  In our opinion, Vanessa has a natural, almost magical gift for making things work beautifully.

We worked with Vanessa for a few more visits and were never disappointed.  At one point she came up with a preference for my kitchen flooring that I wasn’t particularly happy with.  In her graceful and tactful manner, Vanessa explained that the most important thing to her was our satisfaction as a client.  The thing was, she was so confident with her choice that I decided to trust her.  Boy was I glad I did!  What impressed me the most was that with each opinion and suggestion, Vanessa was reassuringly confident and this made the remainder of our choices that much easier because we would simply ask her opinion and go with it.  Our house looks great!

What we loved about Vanessa’s style was her ability to think outside the box and offer different options.  She was always punctual and was up front with her costs (which we found very reasonable, especially considering her obvious talent).  She was welcomed by my young children right from the get go because of her ease with them and her gentle happy nature.  Vanessa’s follow-up all the way along was unexpected and very refreshing with respect to her authenticity.  Although we haven’t seen each other since she helped us with our home, we consider Vanessa a friend and simply would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a seasoned, respectful designer with natural raw talent and a genuine interest in customer satisfaction.  Our family wishes her every success.

Jennifer & Eric Verscheure - Saanichton, B.C.

Vanessa, I thank you so very much for putting me together. I am so grateful to have found you when I was in need of help with my decorating.

I am appreciative of the many things you brought to our relationship; your ready sense of humour, your professionalism, promptness, efficiency, honesty and your ability to grasp what made me feel comfortable.

It gave me great confidence that before we went ahead with each step you provided a clear written report of what was to happen in terms of product cost and the amount of time you would be spending on each particular aspect of the project.  There were never any surprises.

Thanks Vanessa for a wonderful end result.

If I can provide a referral at any time I would be pleased to do so.

Tea is on whenever…

Judy Smith - Sidney, BC

Thank-you Vanessa! You were a great help. Although we are slow in bringing it together, I’m sure we will have a lovely space in the end thanks to your insight!

Valued Client – Sidney, BC